Mack Provisions

The Long Ball Wallet

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Made in Alaska!

The wallet that packs a punch for those 'four-baggers' who like to go 'yard'!

Custom vs. Random:

You get a sneak peek into my quiver of baseball gloves by selecting “Custom” from the dropdown menu. Within 24 hours of your purchase, I will e-mail you pictures of each glove - you choose your favorite (each glove is unique in its embossments, brand names, player endorsement, or other writings).

By selecting “Random”, you get to enjoy the excitement of not knowing which glove leather is used to make the wallet you will receive!


  • Each wallet is saddle stitched together with a hand-waxed Au Chinois Lin Câblé (linen thread, made in France). Either white color for natural interior leather or black for black interior leather.
  • Edges are beveled and hand-burnished.
  • Wallet is embossed with the Mack Provisions makers mark on the interior pocket. 
  • One massive storage pocket + four credit card slots. Slots hold up to approximately 3 cards each.
  • The interior of this wallet is made your choice natural vegetable tanned leather from Hermann Oak Leather Co (tanned in St. Louis, MO) or Horween Black Chromexcel horse front hide (Chicago, IL). 
  • Tethered vintage baseball mitt lace from matching mitt.


  • 6" x 4" (folded).

Vintage Baseball Glove Leather***:

  • Handmade with leather from antique/vintage baseball gloves.
  • Most gloves are from the 1940's-1960's and occasionally dip into the 1930's or 1970's. 


  • The gloves must have been made in the USA.
  • The gloves must be obsolete because of issues such as: stitching coming apart, missing lacing, and/or in need of some repair.

Handmade to order. Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipment. FREE shipping over $100 within the USA!

***Each wallet will contain some sort of embossment such as the brand's name, model, players endorsement, or any other kind of writing. Also, a wallet may contain the original manufactures needle holes, lacing ovals, or general wear from use on the diamond!