Glove Repairs & Rebuilds

Below is a breakdown on the glove repair services I offer. If your glove needs repair work, then it most likely needs to be cleaned, conditioned and relaced. I've teamed up with Chris Petroff from The Glove Lab to offer a collaborative restoration process. Be sure to use the contact section below to get in touch about how we can get your glove back to game ready!

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Full rebuild

After years of use, the leather on the interior of you glove or mitt starts to crack or disintegrate. A full rebuild includes a leather hand stall, leather finger stalls, leather edge binding, shearling wrist pad (if applicable) and pinky / thumb loops (if needed). Estimate $140-$170.

Edge Binding

Edge binding attaches the shell of your glove to your hand stall. After years of diving plays, the edge binding can wear out. No worries though, that can be replaced entirely. Estimate $60-$85.

Web Replacement

The web of your glove sees a lot of action! Sometimes these rip and need to be fully replaced. Or, a whole new customized web can really add some personality to your glove. Estimate $45-$100.


The tension from lacing can cause the leather to rip. Or, the section of pocket that meets your index / middle fingers gets a lot of wear often causing a rip in the leather from the pocket to the welting. There’s a wide array of patching that comes across my workbench. Estimate $45-$120 — please use the contact submission above to get a more accurate estimate based on your needs.