Baseball Stitch Beer Koozie

Baseball Stitch Beer Koozie

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Baseball and beer go hand in hand! Whether you're at home chilling on the couch watching your team or at your favorite ball park, keep your beer cool and your hands warm. 

  • Each koozie is baseball stitched together by hand with Tiger Thread (black, poly thread, made in Germany). 
  • Each koozie is embossed with the Mack Provisions makers mark (bottoms up baby).
  • Fits most 12 fl. oz. cans and some 12 fl. oz. glass bottles. 
  • This koozie is made with belt weight 10 oz black bridle vegetable tanned leather from Hermann Oak Leather Co (tanned in St. Louis, MO). She's thick!


In stock and ready to ship. Please allow up to 2 days to process shipment. 

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