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The Back-Stop Belt
The Back-Stop Belt
The Back-Stop Belt
The Back-Stop Belt

The Back-Stop Belt

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Made with a limited run of new-old-stock belt buckles that were manufactured in USA. 


  • Hermann Oak (St. Louis, MO) 10 oz full grain natural vegetable tan hide
  • Belt Keep -Handmade from a antique/vintage baseball glove. Your belt's keep will be made at random but will contain some sort of writing from the original glove.


  • New-old-stock North & Judd belt roll bar buckle (Made in USA).
  • 1.75” width.
  • DOT brand nickel plated brass snap button fasteners (manufactured in Clarkesville, GA).
  • 9 belt holes set 1" apart.
  • Please note that this belt is 1,75" wide. Check your belt loops in your jeans to see if this belt will pass through.

About North & Judd Manufacturing Co. 

Manufacturing stated in 1812 and around the turn of the century North & Judd became a big name as a manufacturer of equestrian hardware. As motorized transportation became widely available in the early 20th century, North & Judd created it's Anchor Brand name branch which focused on claps, fasteners and buckles - you'll notice an anchor embossed on the back side of these buckles. 

By the early 1960's North & Judd bought out Wilcox, Crittenden & Co. It's during this time that these buckles were manufactured at their plant in Middletown, Connecticut. 

The know more about the company's history click HERE.


Use your existing belt and measure the distance from the end of the buckle to your most used hole. If needed, size up to the nearest available measurement.
Correlating measurements to size:

  • 31.5” = Size 
  • 32.5” = Size 29
  • 33.5” = Size 30
  • 34.5” = Size 31
  • 35.5” = Size 32
36.5” = Size 33
  • 37.5” = Size 34
  • 39.5” = Size 36
  • 41.5” = Size 38
  • 43.5” = Size 40
  • 45.5” = Size 42
  • 47.5” = Size 44

Handmade to order. Please allow up to 2 -4 weeks for shipment.

The Back-Stop Belt
The Back-Stop Belt