The Batterymen Boot
The Batterymen Boot
The Batterymen Boot
The Batterymen Boot

The Batterymen Boot

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In baseball jargon, the term "battery" collectively refers to the pitcher and catcher. The term was first used in the 1860's referring to the firepower of the pitching staff that mimicked the artillery of the American Civil War. Mack Provisions will be collaborating with Nicks Handmade Boots. This collaboration is much like a baseball battery - I will be throwing pieces of vintage baseball glove leather their way to make your next pair of boots. 

Fit Guarantee:

  • Upon purchase, Nicks will mail their Fit Sheet to you for a custom fit.
  • Once the Fit Sheet is filled out and sent back, Nicks will send you a try-on boot (shipping covered).
  • After lacing up your try-on boots you'll call Nicks for your fit-by-phone consultation.


  • Start - finish manufactured by Nicks Handmade Boots in Spokane, WA. USA.
  • HEAVY-DUTY double stitched down boot. 
  • Black 8 oz leather - Tanned by Seidel Tanning Corporation in Milwaukee, WI.
  • Solid brass eyes and hooks. 
  • Height - 6". 
  • Vibram 2021 crepe sole.
  • Resole-able and rebuildable

    Vintage Baseball Glove Leather Features:

    • The false tongues and backstays are made out of repurposed vintage baseball glove leather. 
    • You get to enjoy the excitement of not knowing which specific glove you will receive. 
    • Both back stays will contain writing / embossments originally from vintage baseball glove.
    • False tongues will be embossed with the Mack Provisions makers mark. 

    Handmade to order. Nicks Handmade Boots lead time - 4-10 weeks. Supplied pictures are just examples.

    Glove repairs

    Does your glove need some help?

    Mack Provisions is now offering a full service glove repairs. Whether you need a patch over a lacing hole or replacing your entire handstall, we can help get your glove back to game ready. Click the link below to start a conversation!