Glove Relacing
Glove Relacing
Glove Relacing

Glove Relacing

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The foundation to Mack Provisions started being constructed in the summer of 2004 (age 14) when I walked to my local cobbler's brick + mortar and bought Alum tanned lace to re-lace my Wilson A2000. While most of the Mack Provisions line up is made from repurposed baseball glove leather, I'm now offering my 15+ years of experience in glove relacing + restoration. 

How it Works:

1) Select the correct options from the drop down menus.

2) Please take note on the difference between a full, partial, and minimal repair types. A FULL re-lace is the whole glove. A PARTIAL re-lace includes work done on the heel, pocket, or web of the glove. Whereas a MINIMAL is replacing the lace between the fingers of a fielders mitt (a minimal re-lace isn't an option on catchers or first base mitts).

3) After your purchase, I will email you with instructions on where to mail your glove to. I accept packages via USPS, UPS, or Fedex. If you mail your glove to me, I'll ship it back for free. 

4) In the instructional email will also include lace color options to pick from. Available colors: tan, black, grey, red, maroon, royal blue, navy blue, purple, forrest green, and white. Other colors might be possible upon request.


Clean + Condition

Highly suggest choosing this option if your glove is old, really dry, or showing signs of cracking. Cleaning entails using water and saddle soap to clean / rehydrate the leather. Conditioning entails using a liberal amount of Smith's Leather Balm worked into the leather. 


Tanner's lace, Made in the USA.

Lead Time:

1-2 weeks + shipping back.

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Glove Relacing